Architectural & Landscape Lighting

Make coming home to your house your favorite part of your day with unique residential lighting designs.

We understand that a house is only a home because of the family it holds inside. The Southern Nightscape team will help you create a design so you can better utilize your property. The lighting design that you choose to settle with should reflect your creative image. It should highlight your favorite landscape aspects but also light pathways and fences to keep at bay any safety concerns that can range from tripping hazards or unwanted visitors.

Our professionally trained designers will work with you to create the specific mood and design you desire, adding beauty and improving visibilty at your property. We will create or upgrade an existing system through using the newest LED technologies in order to save energy and add value to your property.


The usage of uplighting to shine up on trees or structures can create the visual of a welcoming property that also doubles as a safe one. It adds rich depth and texture to stonework, accent foliage, and create visual interest.

Path Lighting

Path lighting creates ambience and illuminates walkways. They increase safety by drawing attention to pedestrian hazards and grade changes.

Down Lighting

Down lighting minmics natural moonlight and can be useful in areas such as driveways, walkways, and on landscapes. Depending on usage, it can help with safety concerns and can also accentuate your favorite outside features.

Wall Lights

Integrating wall lighting into ledges, stairs, countertops and backsplaces will highlight hardscape textures and illuminate the surrounding areas.

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