Commercial Lighting Solutions

Become a Bigger Brighter Competitor

Commercial Lighting Styles

Southern Nightscape can help businesses improve their guest’s overall experience when locating and visiting the location. Transform your business location into a space where guests feel not only safe, but have an unforgettable experience. We can enhance business locations through:

  • Landscape lighting can help create safe walking paths and highlight landscaping
  • Spot lights add dimension and highlight focal points, such as signage or a landscaping element
  • Permanent string lighting increases safety, adds beauty, and provides a welcoming aspect to the area. Permanent string lighting includes cafe and bistro lights, as well as permanent tree mini lights.
  • Monument and Signage lighting helps wayfinding and increasing traffic by highlighting the business name and location
  • Holiday lighting helps to increase customer traffic by creating an inviting and festive environment

Types of Clients

Southern Nightscape works with a variety of commercial businesses, each with its own atmosphere. Our lighting designers will work with you to find the right design to showcase your property while providing a more safe and secure place. We work with:

  • Restaurants: create an outdoor dining experience on patios that compliment your venue’s vibe.
  • Vacation Rentals: differentiate yourself from your competition by enhancing and expanding your outdoor spaces for your guests to enjoy during evening and early morning hours.
  • Hotels & Resorts: guarantee your guests have a memorable experience, highlighting your properties’ professional architecture and landscaping. Guests will be able to enjoy the resort’s amentities for long periods of time.
  • Private clubs: engage your guests when darkness sets in, resulting in long stays and enhanced experiences.
  • Shopping Centers: increase shopper experiences by creating the right mood and safety at the center, and thus increasing tenant longevity through helping them increase foot traffic.
  • Office Buildings: create safe and secure parking spaces, while adding beauty and highlighting landscaping elements.

Your employees, customers, and passerby’s alike will love the way it looks.

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